Terre No. 7


Terre No. 7


terre, a collection to ground you to the earth beneath your feet.

Jasper helps you manifesting strength, courage and wisdom, Jasper is an all-in-one stone that resonates with the earth and it’s seemingly endless layers of colors and shades. Jasper will fill you with energy and help you to break through any creative blocks. Jasper also works to ground us and reconnect us with nature.

rutilated quartz contains thin, golden threads of minerals. the golden threads of rutile infuse your body and chakras with divine light, energizing your chakras and strengthening your willpower and motivation. a very powerful gemstone for healing and strengthening your will because it has the ability to attract angels. Pearls are considered the bringers of light, beauty and love.

Meet Pearls, often times referred to as "Queen of Gems". Before the creation of cultured pearls in the 1900s pearls were so rare and the symbol of wealth across countries and generations.

A collection of organically shaped earrings, lightweight and made for everyday wear. Each piece is handmade, no one piece is a like. While Polymer Clay is very durable please handle with care when removing the backings and don't bend. 

materials : polymer clay, 12k gold filled wire, jasper, rutilated quartz, fresh water pearls, gold plated brass hooks or clip ons

earring backs:
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